SAMA Inter-club Competitions 

Light contact sparring (Kumite) has a strong heritage in SAMA. Where much of this has now been taken out of our regular Karate syllabus, and is no longer shown or practiced in our school classes, many students and parents often enquire as to when their child has the opportunity to spar. 


We are delighted to offer regular competitions across the region, giving our junior students the opportunity to come and learn / try out their skills under close supervision from our Black Belt Senior Instructors. 

On competition days, students are equally matched according to age, size and ability. They are shown the strict rules and regulations and then have the opportunity to compete in a bid to win a medal. 

Professionally organised by our Regional Manager, every competitor earns themselves a GOLD achievement award for taking part. 


Later on during the event, several trophies are available to be won in the Kata, Team Kata and Weapons Kata categories. Just like the competitions of old, a student needs to complete their chosen Kata at a high standard and will be scored by three independent Black Belt judges. 

The top three then win 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies.