Membership & Uniform

If you or your child have completed four lessons or more, it is now time to become an official member!

Everyone needs a membership and to be registered and insured through our governing body F.E.K.O. This acts like a member to member insurance should anyone cause or sustain injury or harm. You cannot continue your training without it. Membership entitles you to train within any SAMA class or location, availability depending. If a family moves location, SAMA memberships are transferrable across the South East.

Memberships must be renewed annually. Prices are as follows:

£20 JUNIOR Membership (Under 18yrs)
£30 ADULT Membership (18yrs +)

Once membership has been completed, you will be issued with your membership card. As a general rule, you will collect this at your first grading. It has your official grading record and acts as your “LICENCE TO TRAIN.”

After your four lesson trial period, you or your child will also need an official uniform.

We may be a large organisation, but we pride ourselves on maintaining tradition and etiquette. Everyone must wear the correct uniform at all times.
You are welcome to purchase one from us, or if you have access to your own supplier you are welcome to supply your uniform this way. We do ask that you avoid Judo suits as they are not suitable for our training, and various online companies may sell much cheaper kits that are of poor quality. SAMA provides good quality uniforms, and these will last most children at least two years before you will need to purchase a replacement.

KARATE UNIFORMS are approximately £25.00 which includes: the jacket, trousers, beginner belt and the red club badge.
Please see our shop for other uniforms and costs.
PLEASE NOTE that badges are to be sewn onto the LEFT BREAST of the Gi.