Tai Chi Chuan

SAMA Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu

The ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu develops both the physical and mental fitness and strength of its students.
The gentle and slow, flowing Tai Chi form relaxes the mind helping to relieve stress introducing a sense of calmness, well-being and self-worth.

The proven self-defence technique of the form turns the strength of an attack against itself and helps to improve confidence, self-control and self-awareness.

Beginners Guide

Warm up is a combination of skipping and stretching. Beginners should try and skip continuously in any style in order to gently warm the muscles. Students who do not want to skip can try alternative warm up exercises.
Beginners are welcome to turn up at any class to try Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu. 

Arrive 10 minutes before your first lesson so the instructor can talk to you about what you can expect from the lesson, and what is expected of you.
We recommend students attend four or five classes before making a final decision on whether to join up.

Once joined up the student will need a black martial arts Gi which is provided at a cost of about £25.
Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu classes cover application of technique in more depth than the Karate syllabus of the same grade. Classes begin with Kihon and the student exploring the ‘soft’ application of technique by practicing single or combination moves individually.

With the ‘soft’ application explored, the students then perform a selection of these techniques on focus mitts or kick shield – the ‘hard’ application. This is to ensure the technique is correct in application and to develop strength and confidence.
Following bag-work the class continues to work in pairs but moves on to self-defence/combat techniques similar to those found in military combat training. The emphasis is on developing a body-reflex to threat situations to supplement other elements of the Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu syllabus.

Classes finish with medium intensity stamina sessions with a broad variety of exercises.

Syllabus and Progression

SAMA has adopted the westernised methodology of using coloured belts to show progression towards Black Belt. By successfully completing a grading the student receives a new belt. Gradings for beginner and intermediate students may be as often as every 2 months though this is dependent on student attitude, aptitude and application. As the syllabus becomes more complex, the frequency will decrease and it may be up to a year between gradings.

Middle / Intermediate Grade Students

Students begin to learn the Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu Form (or Kata) from orange belt onwards. There is a single but extensive form to learn and it is broken down between the belts in groups of 5 or 6 steps. The steps are cumulative between the belts.
By the end of the middle grades, students are expected to be able to distinguish and demonstrate accurately the stances and strikes in all elements of Kihon.

High / Advanced Grade Students

Two new elements are added to the class for High Grade students – Focus Pairs and Knife Defence. These are a range of techniques for the student to master and to demonstrate great accuracy when performing Tai Chi Chaun Kung Fu.